There are plenty of things wrong with this movie, next to its obvious problems.

It isn't just its main concept that's a bad and totally wrong one for a comedy but also the way it got handled. I actually would have been OK with this movie and its concept, if only it would have been able to actually amuse me and make me laugh, every once in a while. After all, it's not like having an offensive main plot line with some despicable characters in it is anything new for a comedy to feature but in this particular movie it just doesn't work out too well.

I also don't get what these type of movies are trying to do and tell with its story. What are the things that we are supposed to take out of it? That no matter how much you misbehave, lie and steal, you always still should get some sympathy? Because that surely was the approach the movie is taking with its story in its second half, which also was the point that I completely started to loose interest and all respect for this movie.

The Melissa McCarthy does some absolute horrible- and at times just plain rude things to the movie its main character, played by Jason Bateman. And it's all really uncalled for really. All things considering, the Bateman character is extremely polite and patient with the Melissa McCarthy character, even though she is pretty much busy messing with- and destroying his life. Yet somehow, the movie really expects you to still like her and sympathize for her character. But how is that possible, if the movie doesn't show any redeeming qualities about her character?

The movie seems to think it's able to get away with everything, just in the name of comedy. It doesn't always work out that easily though. You may be able to get away with it once you first establish a solid foundation for the movie, with an amusing and engaging comedy concept and some good, likable, characters to care for. All things this movie forget or just simply failed at.

Thing I specifically didn't really liked about the movie its comedy is that it's all some very rude stuff. Some things are absolutely uncalled for and pretty needless for its main plot as well. It wasn't ever really that funny and it came across like some very random stuff that absolutely wasn't ever needed to help to move its main plot forward. I really didn't liked how basically ever character they came across on their trip, seemed to dislike the Jason Bateman character, for no real good reason and absolutely disrespected him and treated him like dirt, while he actually is being the nicest guy out of this entire movie.

strangely enough I still liked the acting. Yes, I even liked Melissa McCarthy's performance. Despite the fact that I couldn't stand her character and even hated her at points, I still couldn't dislike McCarthy's performance. I believe it really shows that none of the actor's were at fault but it truly was the movie its script and directing approach by Seth Gordon that turned this movie into an absolute horrible one.

There were actually also still some side-plots that seemed like interesting ones but by the end of the movie, they were nothing but some wasted potential. For instance, the plot lines involving the Robert Patrick, Genesis Rodriguez and T.I. (who?) character all could had been potentially good and fun ones but the way they were handled in this movie only made them seem like some absolute pointless and needlessly distracting ones.

A just never really funny movie, with a poor concept and handling of it.


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