It pays off to be original. "Frequency" is an unique movie in its sort, with an original concept that allows the movie to work out as a very effective one.

It's probably best to watch this movie without knowing anything about its plot. Just let it surprise you as it moves along, which also was the way how I first watched this movie, a long time ago. It's a movie that uses different genre styles. It's a thriller, it's a drama, it's a crime movie and it has a bit of science-fiction in it as well. This movie doesn't want to be put into one category. It probably made this movie a bit of a hard sell at the time of its release, which also would explain why it isn't known any better and more loved.

All the different genre styles work out very well together. It manages to find a good and effective balance between all of its many different ingredients, without ever going overboard with anything. It would have been so easy for this movie to get totally ridicules or sentimental with some of plot lines and developments. But I feel that the movie at all times remains a very honest and straightforward one, without too many needless distractions to the main plot. And even when the movie gets somewhat ridicules and melodramatic, it still works out way better than would be the case for any other type of movie. It's probably all because this movie is a very engaging and surprising one. It's original approach and concept ensures that the movie has plenty of surprises and good developments in it, that keeps you glued to the screen.

It isn't too hard to get into this movie, even when you normally don't like movies with far fetched and unrealistic concepts. It's because it's a very human movie to watch. It's all about its characters really and not necessarily as much about its actual plot. When you don't feel engaged with the movie its plot, you're surely still able to feel for the movie its characters, since they are all some very likable and realistic ones. The movie has some good dynamics between its different characters in it, which I feel, is also truly the core of this movie.

It's from the time that Gregory Hoblit was truly on a roll as a director. All of his movies were great and special ones, that used an unique approach and concept. It's a shame he never gained more notoriety and his best known movies are actually also really his lesser ones as well. Stick to the early movies out of his career, such as this one, if you want to see some nice surprises.

I feel that I have already said too much about this movie. Just watch it and let it surprise you!


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