As far as Christian movies go, this isn't the worst or most obnoxious and annoying one to watch, though it does become nearly unwatchable toward its end.

Thing that always confuses me about this sort of Christian propaganda movies is that I just don't understand who they are made for exactly. Are they made for Christans, to strengthen their faith further? (I don't see how this movie could do that) Or perhaps they are simply meant to bring some Christian themed entertainment to believers? (in that case, this movie would be doing an extremely poor job with it) Or is it meant to open people's eyes and turn nonbelievers into believers? (I don't see how this movie could convert anyone though) In either case, this movie is a far from effective or good enough one, for any sort of demographic out there.

It's not like Christian propaganda per definition is something bad or lame. I mean, it obviously still could work out but just not when you don't really have the skills or ideas to create a decent enough movie out of.

Problem is that this is a very poorly structured movie, that still was following a decent enough story for its first half but throws everything overboard during its second half. It's just a big jumbled mess to be frank. All of the story- and character development is gone, as the movie seems more concerned with telling and showing you all kinds of faith related stuff. And it's not like the movie is doing anything good or interesting with it either. How many movies are there out there in which the main characters starts off as a nonbeliever but slowly and steadily starts to 'see the light', as the movie progresses.

And really, it's doing everything in a far from involving way. I was actually quite bored throughout most part of the movie, also not in the least because it's very apparent, very early on already, what this movie is trying to do and tell and where it's heading at with its story and main character.

The movie tries to present itself like some sort of hip and action packed post-apocalyptic movie (the story involves the rapture, or well at least the buildup to it. If you want to see more of it, you need to wait for the sequel to come out apparently) but in truth, there is hardly any action in this movie at all. I also just don't get why this movie had to involve a very stereotypical and over-the-top, criminal, biker-gang, that you normally would expect to see in a "Mad Max" movie.

Perhaps, with God's will, the sequel is going to shed some more light on the mumbled messages of this movie and will answer some of the questions this movie leaves, though I don't really have much faith in it...


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