You know, the thing about horror movies is that once you have seen a lot of them, they all sort of start to look alike after awhile. It makes them predictable and all of the clichés and genre trappings will become more obvious to you and might even start to annoy you. So every time a horror movie comes out that tries to do something new and original, I welcome- and applaud them. It's truly like a breath of fresh air and once more make it apparent that it's simply not true that there is no way that you can't be original with movies anymore, unlike popular belief.

Still this movie isn't all that popular or well respected and I actually can still see why as well. While most more seasoned and hardened horror lovers are going to like and applaud this movie, for not falling for the usual genre trapping and being original with its concept, the more average moviegoer might not be getting out of it what he/she was ready for. They might even consider this movie to be a bit of a bore, with not enough scares, gore, or deaths in it. Not me though.

It's best to watch this movie without knowing anything about it. It's far more enjoyable once you don't know who it's killer/monster is going to be. It enhances the mystery and tension as well, which is something that gets buildup and handled very well in this movie. It doesn't throw you right into the action but actually takes its time to setup its story and characters. Because of this you also feel more involved, with both the story and characters, that are in it.

It's also a movie in which literally no one is ever safe. You just don't know, while watching this movie, who is going to die and who is eventually going to survive, till the end (if there are any survivors that is). The movie doesn't pick just one or two main character but instead is focusing on a whole (small) group.

I'm somewhat surprised that the director and some of its actors are still waiting for their definitive breakthrough. The acting and directing for this movie is all so much better than the usual genre outing. It's a really good and professional looking movie, in which all the scenes get handled very well and effectively. Besides, the characters aren't some annoying or ignorant teens, that want to party all day long and are oblivious to the dangers and situation around them. No, instead the characters are ones that still like the party but are educated and smart ones at the same time, who think rationally (well, most of the time) and never do anything stupid, or something that feels too far fetched and that's beyond belief.

Still when you start analyzing, some of the stuff in its story still appears simplistic and flawed though. I for instance thought that the characters never did enough, to try and get out of their situation. Sure, they are constantly busy surviving but they never come up with a plan to even try to take out the movie its 'villain(s)', for instance. And really, while watching this movie, I myself came up with 3 different plans, they could have tried out. And there is some more stuff like this in the story that once you start thinking about, just doesn't make all that much sense.

But oh well, at least the movie definitely still has originality going for it and it's made in a far better and more appealing way than just the average genre attempt. Horror lovers should definitely be able to appreciate this movie, despite all of its flaws!


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