It's probably still true lots of people are somewhat reluctant to go and see this movie. A horror-comedy-romance with a bunch of teenage characters (OK, OK, they are maybe in the twenties but you know what I mean) in it? This should set off a couple of alarm-bells, at least with certain demographics. But the movie in fact is a surprisingly good and watchable one, for basically everybody out there! There is something to enjoy for everyone in this.

I believe the key to why this movie works out is because it's not necessarily focusing on being a horror-comedy or a romantic one, purely aimed toward young teenagers but it's way more focuses on simply being a good movie instead. It's not like the horror, comedy or romance ever takes the upper-hand and it's more focused on bringing the different genre elements together and to let it all work out effectively as a whole.

It's also why this movie is perfectly watchable, for just about everybody. There is some cute romance to enjoy for those looking for it, which mostly likable will be teenage girls, or persons looking to go on a date. But really everything else, such as its horror and comedy, is something that could be enjoyed by just about everybody and also makes this movie a worthwhile experience, even while you beforehand still might think this movie won't be for you.

It's also true the movie works out due to its originality. OK, the movie itself might be kind of simple and straightforward with its story but it of course still features an original main concept, in which a living girl and a zombie boy start to fall in love and start to look at each other's worlds differently. It's kind of like a modern Romeo & Juliet (sometimes not even subtle), with a special twist to it.

But yes, at the same time its simplicity is also what's still keeping the movie somewhat down. Even though the movie is an original one, it still progresses in a very predictable way and its cute and effective all but it's also still lacking any true surprises in it.

It still felt like it was missing something. Perhaps it was a villain that was more present throughout the entire movie and was a more evil one, perhaps some more zombie action, or perhaps just a better conflict and resolution of it. But whatever it was, it felt like the movie could had done more with its concept at times. Of course it's not like the movie is a bad one but it still had far more potential in it, in my opinion.

But really, this remains one fine and surprisingly watchable movie, that basically everyone should be able to enjoy and appreciate, on different levels.


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  1. I mostly love zombie movies, and I always love seeing a different take on the genre, especially one where you actually believe in the love between a zombie and a human. Good review Frank.