This basically in essence is yet another knockoff of the Saw franchise but as far as these type of movies go, this one is definitely not the worst one to watch.

The movie has its moments and also plays around with some interesting ideas. It's a very sadistic movie but also one that delves into the human psyche, when the 'contestends' are constantly forced to choose between two different things, that could either hurt or kill them, or one of the other contestants.

Sounds perfectly gruesome all but really, this hardly is the most gruesome or effective movie you could ever watch. You see all of the stuff happening but it's hard to 'feel' any of it or care much about it as well.

It might be due to it that there isn't really much variation in the movie. Even though the 'Would You Rather' dilemmas are all different, they still all basically have the same outcome and all you can do is waiting for the next contestant to die. It all becomes somewhat predictable after a while and it's also not very hard to guess who'll be the 'last ones standing' by the end of it.

You actually constantly keep waiting for a big twist or some sort of spectacular outcome but no, the movie as it is is pretty simple and basic, with its story as well as its outcome. It tries to throw one final punch at you, at the very end but I actually kind of wish they wouldn't had done it, since it's not really something that hits or feels like a very satisfying and definitive enough outcome for the movie. It leaves far too many loose ends and perhaps they wanted to leave things open for a sequel, which most likely is never going to get made though.

The acting is all decent enough, with one standout performance by Jeffrey Combs. He's a great cult actor within the low budget horror genre and he manages to bring some fun and class to this movie. Or were you also expecting some fun and class from Sasha Grey? She keeps trying but she just still isn't a very good actress yet. I would say her performance is absolutely one of the lesser ones out of this movie and that's putting things mildly.

It's still a good looking movie as well. It's at least not cheap looking, in any way or form and it definitely has a pretty good atmosphere to it. Also not an awful lot wrong with its gore, though it seems to be holding a bit back at times. It's still obvious they spend some serious time and effort on this movie, which is yet another reason why I consider this movie to be a better one than just the average, low budget, horror attempt, that gets thrown out there.

Not a must-see by any means but there are definitely far worse genre movies you could watch.


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