An action movie can be as bad as it wants with its story and acting but it's an absolutely unforgivable thing when it totally fails to entertain me.

This movie did absolutely nothing for me. It wasn't engaging with either its story or characters, there wasn't really any spectacular action and they completely forgot to make the movie a fun one to watch. It takes itself far too serious, even while it clearly had the right sort of main plot line and characters in it, to turn this into an amusing action vehicle.

The movie is a pretty confusing one to watch, not because it features such a complicated or clever written script but because it all gets told in such an incredibly uninteresting and ineffective way. It's hard to keep paying attention while watching this, also because it never seems to reward you for it, with for instance one standout action moment, or a snappy piece of dialog, or any unexpected and surprising moments. Of course in essence all of these action flicks are more or less the same with either its setup and main plot line but at least most action flicks still work out better than this movie. This particular movie just never really seems to take off.

Can't really blame Sylvester Stallone for any of this. I mean, he does what he can and he's actually still very convincing as an action hero, even at the age of 66. The fault lies more with its directing and definitely with its writing as well. It's disappointing that an action movie expert such as Walter Hill fails to bring any sort of distinctive style to the movie, or provide it with any really spectacular or enjoyable, straightforward and good old fashioned, action moments.

Bad thing about the story is that it also seems to heavily rely on its 'buddy flick' aspects and dynamics, without creating a strong or believable enough bond between its two main characters. Really, it's probably true that the movie would had been a better one, if it wasn't focusing on these aspects and decided to be a more straightforward action flick, with just Sly alone, as an one man army against 'the world'.

But really, despite of all of the other criticism, the biggest problem with this movie remains that it just isn't ever being a fun one to watch! I would have been most likely OK with this movie if it just had a bad plot and mediocre action moments in it but the movie not being really fun or entertaining enough in anyway, is absolutely inexcusable!

Back to the drawing board Mr. Sly and Mr. Hill!


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