How many good vampire comedies are there out there? Well exactly, hardly any and no, this one really isn't much good either.

It's really weird. Vampire movies always had been pretty popular throughout the decades but yet no one seems to know how to take all of its genre clich├ęs and use it to turn it into a funny and creative comedy. And it's not like the right material isn't there but for whatever reason vampires just don't lend themselves very well to humor, it appears.

As for this actual movie; it's definitely worse than most other comedies out there.

The funny moments are there, the right type of dialog is there but yet none of it ever clicks. Guess it shows that you could come up with- and write down all the funny stuff that you could think off but turning it into a good and funny comedy is a whole different kind of thing. It's really true that the comedy genre is one of the hardest ones out there to work in. You need to build things up properly, time things till perfection and need to have a good and talented cast to properly deliver the lines and execute the movie its physical comedy. It's hard to say who or what is to blame for this movie its failure but it's most likely a combination of various different elements.

And one of them most definitely is its story. It's not all too creative or clever about anything and yet again it's one of those vampire movies that comes up with its own rules. And that's fine really but it at the same time it also leaves a lot of stuff unexplained and likes to break its own rules- and come up with new ones, pretty much all throughout.

But the thing that annoyed me most about the story were its characters. Every character you are supposed to care about does something despicable and absolutely unforgivable in this movie, that makes you go hate him/her. Yes, even the movie its main characters and what's even worse is that characters who start out as the good 'guys' later on turn into the movie its villains. In other words, the movie makes it very hard for you to ever care about anyone in this movie. The movie makes some weird and bad choices with basically all of its characters, which really makes you dislike this movie in parts.

It's really not the worst of most offensively bad movie out there comedy-wise but story-wise and the way everything gets buildup and handled, make this an absolutely terrible watch!


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