Animated shorts are movies you could easily do without ever seeing, since they are often too short and insignificant to truly make an impact. But that's of course still not saying much about their quality though.

This also remains a well made movie, that's telling a simple but effective story, without any dialog. The story comes down to it that it's telling the tale of how men and dog became each other's best friends. It does so by focusing on a dog and Adam, in the Gsrden of Eden and how they are not only exploring the new world but also each other.

It's not like there's a heavy religious undertone in this movie though, so really, it's also a perfectly watchable movie for the atheist out there and even for those who have absolutely nothing with dogs. It's just a simple but very charming and effective little movie.

The animations are also pretty good looking but I still have some complaints. For instance, it appeared to me they were focusing more on the realistic looking backgrounds at times, which was a bit distracting at parts. Sometimes I was looking at just the backgrounds and forget I was supposed to pay attention as well to what was happening in the foreground, with the movie its main characters. But they were drawn so small at times that I was actually wondering if it perhaps wasn't done on intention and perhaps it truly wanted to put some of its focuses more on its environments, to show how beautiful, grand and untouched the Garden of Eden must have looked like.

The overall animation style could be described as realistic, which makes it a bit of a shame that not all of the character's movements look very natural.

But oh well, all things considering, these all aren't any real serious or big complaints. I mean, it didn't ruined the overall experience of it and the fact that this remains one perfectly watchable short animated movie.


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