You always expect- and fear for the worst with movies of this sort. But I have to say, as far as giant, killer, animal movies go, this is actually a fairly good one, especially for a modern genre attempt.

Or well, saying that it's a fairly good one is perhaps giving it too much credit but it surprisingly isn't ever being a horrible one. And really, especially when you start to compare it to other similar type of movies, this one is a notch above the most of them.

It's probably because this movie feels less generic. It feels less generic because it features less story in it. Sounds like a bad and lazy thing but it actually helps the movie. Less story also means less formulaic genre elements and I actually liked the fact that the movie wasn't dealing with a bunch of characters trying to find or cure or a way to stop the giant spiders. It feels more like a survival story really, with very little distractions in it.

It strangely enough makes the movie also less silly, probably because it never features any crazy plot developments and some too unlikely situations, due to its underwritten script. Sure, it makes the movie a simple one to watch but that's the way movies like this always should be. Movies like this should never pretend to be more than just simple and straightforward, silly, entertainment.

Not that this movie is taking a comedy approach but it luckily never gets too dark or serious in tone either. It's obvious the film-makers knew their own limitations, so they also never attempted to do anything outrageous or spectacular.

Some might consider it to be disappointing that there really isn't an awful lot of spider action in this. It really takes a while, probably 50 minutes or so, for the first on screen spider attack to occur. The movie never puts its main focus on the action, which probably also is a good and smart thing to do when you don't have a high budget to work with and to create groundbreaking special effects and action sequences with.

Having said that; the special effects surprisingly aren't horrible. It's true though that all of the spider action happens in the dark, so not everything is clearly visible and it might conceal some poor effects but having seen plenty of modern genre attempts such as this one, I simply have to say that this movie features some of the better effects.

There is still no real good reason for you to watch this movie in the first place but if you're forced to watch a modern, giant, killer, animal movie, this one is a pretty decent and also somewhat enjoyable one to pick.


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