Funny how just a couple of days ago I watched "Upside Down", which features a remarkably similar type of main premise.

Not saying that the one movie riped off the other but it's interesting to see how both movies handle the same concept, in different settings, with different characters and ideas involved. You can't really compare them to each other anyway, since both movies are still quite different, not in the least because this is a short animated movie movie and not a full length, special effects heavy, movie.

The movie its idea is pretty good and fun but at the same time it's also lacking a bit of bite and a clear point to it. It's still charming and fun all but the whole romance part of the movie falls pretty flat, since it's not really ever cute enough and the movie explains absolutely nothing and doesn't give you any real background information on its characters and the world it's set in. It's funny, since these complaints are all somewhat similar to the complaints I had about "Upside Down".

I'm still giving this movie a very positive rating, since it remains a technically well made one and its also directed well, with a good and pleasant pace and way of storytelling to it, that doesn't involve any dialog.

Stop motion animation movies are always more fun and impressive to watch anyway, in my opinion. It gives the movie a certain pleasant style and atmosphere to it. Yes, I'm actually sure about it that if this movie was a, lets say, hand drawn animated movie, with the same story and characters involved, I would had most likely liked it far less.

A short that's well worth your time!


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