It seems pretty random for the creators of "The Simpsons" to create and release a 5 minutes short, standalone, The Simpsons short. I mean, what can this short do that hasn't been done- or can't be done in any of the 20 minutes long "The Simpsons" episodes, that runs since 1989. Well, the key to the short its success is that this truly is a standalone movie and as a matter of fact, it's OK to watch this short, even when you have no idea who The Simpsons are or simply have never seen a single episode, which is hard to believe.

But of course also fans of the show can still enjoy and appreciate this movie. And I do believe most of them will, since it features one of the most liked and yet underrated characters, as the movie its lead; Maggie.

It's of course also done in the exact same and familiar "The Simpsons" animation style, though I must say that it's still a tiny bit better looking than the average TV series episode. There is some more detail and obviously some more time and effort than usual went into it.

It's all rather amusing to watch Maggie going on an adventure and see things form her perspective. That also means that the entire movie is dialog free, which in return also means that the storytelling, as well as its comedy, is all visually orientated. Typical cartoon like stuff but all done and incorporated into the movie very well. You could tell that all of the persons involved with this short had years of experience in the business. They even got Hans Zimmer involved again, to compose a pretty good little musical score, to go along with the movie.

The biggest complaint about the movie though might sound like a backhanded compliment but it in fact is truly a problem with this movie; it's just too short. The story is supposedly to take place over the course of a couple of hours, when Maggie gets dropped off at the daycare by Marge and picked up again by the end of the day. But since the movie is only 5 minutes short, it also feels like it's all taking place during the course of those few minutes. And really, why not actually turn this into a 20 minutes long "The Simpsons" episode instead? Seems like there were plenty of good ideas and material for it. 5 minutes is just a bit too short for this movie to truly leave a lasting impression with anything really.

But oh well, it of course all by no means make this short a terrible one to watch. Just one that leaves you hungry for more and makes you wish the movie was just a tad bit longer and had some more different story-developments and characters in it.


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