Can't really say these type of animation movies are my favorite ones. It's the sort of movie that's not really telling you a story but it's one that more showing of the animator's skills instead.

And nothing wrong with PES', or Adam Pesapane's, which is his real name, skills. So I'm also not trashing the movie it's just that I prefer watching something with some more depth or meaning to it. But oh well, the movie is what it is and it's only under 2 minutes short, so it still was definitely worth my time.

It's even somewhat fun and surprising to watch. You never really know what's going to happen next, the moment the animator picks up a new object to toy around with. It picks familiar objects and turn it into food, once cut open or sliced up.

It's amusing, well made, with using stop motion effects and it never bores you but what was its point exactly? Well, just for the animator to show off his skills I supposed. Having said that, it's till worth checking out, especially knowing its only under 2 minutes short.


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  1. I see it as a reaction to the American social situation with the grenades representing the aggressive foreign policy and the houses representing the financial crisis emphasizing the role of banks and free capitalism. All this is wrapped in sports and gambling (reflecting the recent SuperBowl) as a smokescreen aka "panem et circences" for the people to distract them from the devastating social situation and stratification which they are unable to criticize due to theit underfunded education. So they just grab a bite of their "opium for the masses". Every object here has meaning.