Hansel and Gretel are hot this year! But I can't wait for the trend to cool off again.

Here is yet another modern movie, also set in modern times, involving the well known fairy tale characters. So what does this movie or story have in common with the classic 1812 fairy tale by the brothers Grimm? Hardly anything at all really. It's obviously nothing more but a cheap trick to gain some attention and stand out with its title, to get people interested in watching the movie, since everybody knows all about Hansel and Gretel already, or at the very least familiar with the names.

You might expect a flat out silly comedy, from a movie titled "Hansel & Gretel Get Baked", with a marijuana plant on the cover. I certainly was expecting a stoner comedy and in a way I also do wish it was more like one. At least that way this movie would had been something! It now is, well...I don't even really know how to describe it or what category to label it under.

It's a bit of a comedy, a bit of a horror, without any real gore or scares really and a bit of a plain flat out silly movie, that you shouldn't take serious but it above all things is a very messy movie. Nothing ever comes together very well in it and too often stuff just doesn't work out at all, due to a weak approach. They should had made some better and clearer choices on what type of approach to take, before shooting the actual movie.

So it's not a very balanced movie but it's also a movie that just isn't focused well enough. At times it even hardly focuses on its two titular characters and it seems more interested in its witch, played by Lara Flynn Boyle and some other secondary characters. As a matter of fact, Hansel is hardly ever in this movie but luckily so though, since he was one highly annoying, arrogant type of character. He acts like he's too good and too smart for this world and everyone and everything is far beneath him. There just isn't anything likable about him. That's also a big problem with this movie; you just don't ever really care for any of its characters, or what happens to them.

I don't know, perhaps this movie was rushed out, to cash in on the whole, hopefully short lived, Hansel and Gretel revival. It certainly feels that way, since it doesn't feature any real good or original ideas in it and the ideas that it still had just aren't ever executed very well.

There absolutely is no reason why you should ever watch this movie! Think it sounds like a funny one, or are you intrigued by its cover? Well, think again please, since it's very likely that by the end of it, you're really going to hate it.


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