It's definitely true blaxploitation flicks are among the most entertaining movies out there. It's a fun genre, that actually is always terribly lacking with its story, acting, action and technical details but that's all truly a part of the charm of the genre and reason why the movies often work out as such extremely likable and fun ones.

This blaxploitation flick, that's a revenge flick as well, stars a bald Isaac Hayes in the lead role, Scatman Crothers with hair, Yaphet Kotto as king of all pimps and Nichelle Nichols of "Star Trek" fame as a villainous, evil, female pimp. Yes, it's all truly as fun as it sounds but of course still at the same time it's being a far from great movie.

Thing that I liked about the movie is that it's foremost being a revenge flick, in which the roles get switched around. It are the villains that are out to get revenge in this one. It gives an original twist to the story and provides it with plenty of interesting dynamics between the movie its many different villains and adds plenty of fun to its story.

Another thing I also like and was somewhat surprised by were its killings. Surprising thing about it was how realistic it all came across. Persons don't just get shot and drop dead right after that but they actually continue to gasp and cringe and hold on to their dear lives with their last powers. It gave the movie a sort of raw and realistic edge, which also makes you take the movie more seriously.

But don't worry, it above all things is a fun watch, that's made to entertain. It offers you plenty of entertainment with its characters, dialog and action scenes. Plenty of shootouts, fist fights and silly stunts in this movie and some great, tough but likable characters, who let everything work out.

Of course it at the same time remains a very lacking movie with its story and it doesn't always look like the best or most professional made movie. Biggest flaw about the story remains that it's main character often suddenly disappears completely out of it and it seems that the movie during its second half is more focusing on its villains, rather than its 'hero' and the person you are supposed to root for all the way through.

But really, I was willing and able to take all of the other flaws and inconsistencies for granted and simply enjoyed the movie for what it was. After all, you never should expect anything of too great quality or anything subtle when watching a blaxploitation in the fist place. And I also do admit, that as fat as the genre goes, this is definitely one of the better ones to watch!


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