Thing this movie mostly has going for it is its originality. It features an awesome and creative concept, that I feel, works out pretty well within the movie!

Yes, this is somewhat of an underrated movie, that besides isn't very well known. A shame really, since this movie definitely deserves to.

The idea of having a bunch of people going at each other with real weapons during a reenactment between US Cavalry and Blackfeet Indians already sounds kind of awesome and interesting to begin with but the movie actually handles it in a far more creative and delicate manner than you would expect.

Yes, this movie is entertainment but at the same time it's also having some serious messages in it and handles some delicate issues. It's a movie that focuses heavily on racism toward native Americans and the wrongdoings they had to endure throughout the centuries. It does this by not necessarily focusing on the past but more so on the present.

In this movie, history literally repeats itself, when some Indians get caught up right in the middle of things, when people start up getting killed during a reenactment battle and the 'white men' start to hunt them down. The way things slowly start to go from bad to worse and things steadily start to escalate into something big is done in a pretty realistic and effective way.

Old and new, history and present, everything ends up blending effectively into each other. So basically that means we have some guys 'playing' cowboys & Indians, not just with a bow & arrow and revolvers but with assault rifles, cars and even airplanes as well.

It's also interesting that this movie focuses on the Indians and treats them as the good guys for a change, without villainizing the 'white men' in a too bad or forced way. Lets just say there are no James Bond type of villains in this, only people doing some bad things and making some wrong choices.

This movie is overall a pretty good- and above all things effective mixture of entertainment and some more serious themes. The seriousness never gets in the way of its entertainment and its entertainment never gets in the way for the movie to have some serious messages and themes in it as well.


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