Jason Statham's career isn't really going anywhere, as long as he keeps doing movies like this. Basically he's currently nothing more but the Steven Seagal of some slightly more expensive action movies. It comes down to it that he not only keeps showing up in the same type of movies but he also continues the same type of roles. Oh well, it's definitely something you could make a career out of but it's still a real shame, since Statham showed so much more potential, at the start of his career.

No, it's not like this movie is a bad one but it happens to be a very generic one and there's nothing special about it really. As a matter of fact, in some regards this is even a lesser movie than the average, modern, genre attempt.

As weird as it may sound, the movie is a bit overwritten. This movie had all the potential in it to become a very simplistic and straightforward revenge flick but the way the revenge plays out is far from interesting or exciting to watch really. It tries to take things a bit too serious, by adding pointless and distracting layers and developments to the story. instead of having some fun, the movie wants to be too serious and tries to be more clever with its story than it in fact truly is.

Also the Jennifer Lopez character for instance. When given the right sort of role, she is fine as an actress and she also is doing just fine in this movie but did the movie even needed to have her character in it? Seriously, she doesn't even show up until halfway through the movie and the movie so easily could had done without her plot line and character.

She gets in the way of a lot of things and for instance takes away the screen time from the movie its villains, who are truly hardly present in this movie at all. It's weird how the villains basically only show up in the beginning and end of the movie and it's even weirder to see Nick Nolte in a small, throwaway role. You expect him to play a bigger and more important role toward the end of the movie but no, as it turns out his role is nothing more but an extended cameo, that basically could had been played by just about everybody.

Yet it's not a terrible movie by any means. It remains perfectly watchable, mostly due to its pace and it of course still has some nice action moments, even though they are incredibly formulaic (really, how many more guys are we going to see hanging from a balcony in movies, after a fight?).

It's not terribly exciting, not terribly surprising and not terribly impressive but at least the movie itself isn't terrible to watch!


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