Already had some low expectations for this movie? Well, time to lower them even more. This truly is a quite bad and messy little movie to watch and what's even worse is that it isn't just all that entertaining either.

Next to having a disappointing story, that doesn't feature any true originality or creativity in it, the movie is also an absolutely horribly directed one. perhaps it's Tommy Wirkola's inexperience or incapability to work with an English speaking cast and crew. I mean, despite that it was a far from perfect movie, Wirkola still showed with "Død snø" that he is capable of creating an entertaining movie with a good structure to it. This movie has no structure at all and is all over the place with its storytelling. The pacing feels messy, also due to some bad editing and nothing in the movie ever works out as something 'fun' to watch, while this obviously still was the approach they were going for.

Just to show how terribly ineffective and messy its story is; I still basically have no idea for instance what the exactly the villains wanted in this movie. It never really develops anything properly enough and it isn't ever building up toward something potentially good or interesting with its story.

It's actually shocking how incredibly standard this movie feels with its story. There is so much they could had done with it but there is so little they eventually ended up doing. This in a way actually feels more like cheap B-movie with its story and settings, that got send straight to DVD.

I had no problem going along with its premise of having Hansel & Gretel as action-stars and witch hunters but I had a problem with it that they did absolutely nothing creative with it. It's not being an interesting twist on the well know fairytale and its characters, simply because this movie has absolutely nothing to do with the fairytale at all, other than that it features the two same main characters in it. It's simply nothing more but a cheap marketing trick in that regard and I doubt the movie would had been made or released to theaters, if the title was simply just "Witch Hunters" for instance.

There really is no excuse for this movie not being an even remotely entertaining one. It's never entertaining with its action, never fun with its characters, never good with its comedy or one-liners, in other words, this movie falls incredibly flat at the entertainment department.

It still really isn't the worst modern movie I have ever seen. It obviously still has some class to with, for instance with its special effects and makeup and it besides still has a pretty decent cast in it as well, even though their characters just aren't very interesting or involving ones.

Lets just hope this is the last we have seen of Hansel & Gretel as witch hunters!


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