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Can't say this is a bad movie or one that an awful lot is wrong with but it still really feels like its missing something. Something to truly make it stand out and let it work out as an effectively creepy and mysterious horror movie.

I believe it truly comes down to it that the movie just isn't ever handling its mystery very well. It isn't handling it in an interesting enough way and it never feels like the main characters are truly investigating or realizing something is truly wrong, until the later second half of the movie. It's all a little too late really, especially since we, the viewers, already know early on that the story involves a ghost. Guess it somewhat plays around with it whether or not it's all real or just a fragment of the imagination from the mind of the two young girls but also this isn't ever handled in the most effective way and it even sort of just simply drops this idea after a while and starts to turn into something more straightforward.

It's also a bit of a slow moving movie in parts, which is normal for a movie of this sort and it's supposed to help to set the mood and buildup the tension. Problem with its buildup however is that it never feels like its building up toward anything, not even when the movie starts nearing its finale.

It's also a shame that toward the end the movie decides to become something sentimental, rather than something exciting or creepy, which is far more fitting for a movie of this sort. It's not that I hated the ending but it still felt a bit out of place, like it belonged in a totally different movie.

Guess it also might be true that these type of movies are starting to get and feel like very generic ones, that all play out the same and are just alike, with its look, atmosphere, characters, jump scares and other horror elements.

Still I have to say that this movie at the same time still manages to feel like an original one. It mostly does so with its look and atmosphere. It definitely has a Guillermo del Toro, who helped to make this movie, type of fantasy-horror vibe to it. It's also one of the rare horror movies in which the CGI actually enhances the movie its horror. It plays a crucial part and it's being the one main effective thing of the entire movie. It's perfectly creepy and the thing the movie mostly draws its horror from.

I was also fond of the main characters and actors portraying them. I actually have to admit I liked- and was far more impressed with Jessica Chastain's character and performance in this movie than her part and performance in "Zero Dark Thirty", for which she received an Oscar nomination and might very well win as well.

So really, it manages to be a quite good and original genre movie, that however at the very same time still doesn't work out as a great or effective enough movie, though I definitely prefer this movie over 90% of other, similar, modern genre movies, such as this one.


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