Of course you shouldn't expect much form a movie like this and it simply is what it is. And that's a positive thing really, since it doesn't ever pretend to be more and the movie actually does have some charm to it.

It's the sort of feel good comedy, in which 2 persons, after meeting, help to change each other and become a better person and of course fall in love in the process. The one person is uptight and the other a bit too loose for his own good. The main character sort of starts off as an unsympathetic and cold character but once the movie progresses, your sympathy for her is supposed to grow, as she is slowly starting to become more 'human'. It's of course very predictable to watch all and you basically know how the movie is going to progress and eventual end, just by watching its first 5 minutes. But when watching a TV movie like this, you sort of go in expecting this and take everything more or less for granted. It doesn't make the movie any better but at least more tolerable to watch.

I can actually see people enjoying this movie for what it is but that still of course doesn't means its a good movie.

The movie works out as a far from realistic one, since it uses not only exaggerated moments in it but also some extremely exaggerated characters. The main character is extremely uptight and literate and the love interest is the extreme opposite of just that. You can tell that once the moment the David Walton character makes his entrance, he is the one that is going to get a 'makeover'. He has fake looking, long, unwashed hair, wears dirty, smelly looking clothes and he talks like a Hillbilly stroke victim. It's just a bit too obvious and forced all but the same could be said for basically every other character in this movie, who is either an extreme stereotype or has an extremely exaggerated personality.

Sure, this is all quite common for a comedy to feature but in this case the movie tries to be more of a feel-good movie, with also dramatic elements to it and even some serous messages. But how are you supposed to be taken by anything or take this movie even remotely serious when everything in it is so heavily exaggerated. It's impossible to do and the main reason why I just can't regard this as a good movie.

It might sound like I hated this movie but this strangely enough really wasn't the case. It's just still too harmless and insignificant all to hold an hate against this movie and it's also not without its charm. It's a lighthearted movie and yes, Julia Stiles definitely helps to take the movie to an higher level as well.

If these type of lighthearted and simplistic TV movies are your thing, you could still have some fun and a good time with it but there still no way you could convince me that this is a good movie as well.


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  1. Seems like 4/10 is way too low, since your actual review was that it was lighthearted fluff.

    I'm a bit over half way through, and I think it's actually somewhat entertaining.. I gave it a 7 on imdb.. I'm comparing to other TV movies, not to all movies as a whole.

    BTW, in the first sentence, you say "expect much form a movie".