This movie its fatal flaw is that it's trying hard to be a raw and straightforward genre flick but it's totally lacking both the resources and style to let it work out.

As its title also somewhat suggests, it tries a bit too hard to be like the "Hitman" game franchise, with its main character, his look and the way the movie is shot. I experienced this as somewhat annoying and distracting from the movie Seriously, the movie most definitely didn't needed it at all and it absolutely would had been a better one with a more original approach and main character in it.

It so desperately wants to be taken seriously as a movie, that this goes definitely at the expense of its entertainment value. That's fine of course, after all, not every movie is meant to be entertaining but that's all fine, as long as the movie has plenty of other good stuff to offer. Things like an interesting plot, engaging characters, tension, mystery, or other things along those lines. It however is a disappointing and simple fact that this particular has far too little to offer.

This is partly due to its story. The movie is mostly told with flashbacks, which means it's not necessarily following the same story, all the way through. It makes jumps and glosses constantly over a bunch of stuff. Besides, it's not like the story ever offers anything original or exciting, making this far from the best or most engaging movie to watch.

But the one thing that still makes it mostly obvious that this movie is lacking the right kind of style and approach for the things it wants to achieve, is the fact that this movie has a sort of cheap look to it. It's obviously a movie made with a low-budget, which does in fact work distracting from the movie. It's mostly noticeable with its sound, that's absolutely awful and with some of its acting as well. Not that Luke Goss is a bad lead in this but it are the supporting actors, whose skills are painfully lacking.

It all makes this movie a bit of a failure and certainly not a great or an even remotely recommendable movie.


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