This is a bit of a weird movie. On the one hand I can totally appreciate what this movie is doing but on the other, it most definitely isn't always working out too well. It's a good and a bad movie, all at once.

In the long run, the bad things about this movie still outweigh the good. More people are going to hate this movie than love it, though I myself still remain somewhere in the middle.

It appeared that the movie had some good ideas but had a more difficult time incorporating all of its ideas into the story of the movie. It makes the story somewhat messy and hard to follow at times, also because you are never really sure how to take this movie.

Is this supposed to be a serious movie or an entertaining one? Seems to me that the movie itself wasn't ever that sure about it, so it's being a bit of both. You still would feel that the movie would had worked out way better if it had gone for either a completely serious- or a more straightforward entertaining/exploitation type of approach.

Thing I did appreciated the movie mostly for was the way it was building up its story and atmosphere. It deliberately keeps you in the dark about a lot of things and throughout the entire movie you are never really sure what to expect. It's filled with plenty of surprises and twists but I wish I could also say that everything worked out well and was being effective. Sometimes things just don't add up or connect very well to each other. It's kind of like this movie is being 3 totally different movies wrapped into one, which again, is all mostly due to it that the movie had far too many ideas but not a clue about how to let it all work out equally well within the movie and how to let things blend in naturally with each other.

And this is all a shame really, since its concept most definitely showed some potential. It seemed that this movie was going to be a good, tense and mysterious movie, with a much appreciated horror vibe and atmosphere to it but in the end I can hardly recommend this movie to anyone really. It for most part fails at all that it attempts to achieve and too often remains a too vague and messy movie, which is the foremost reason why lots of people aren't really going to like this movie.


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