This short is OK. A tad bit simplistic maybe but it at least does nothing wrong really.

It at the same time still ain't no short that shall live on in memory for very long. It doesn't really make an impact, in a provoking, original, or shocking kind of way.

With a bit of a stronger buildup the movie potential could had a more powerful and effective horror atmosphere to it, or maybe it could had also achieved this by having a somewhat stronger and better written plot in it. It still tries hard to create a certain horror atmosphere but its style and approach kind of fell short and reminded me more of an 1990's movie than a 2008 one really.

All the movie basically is, is buildup, without ever having a very rewarding payoff in it as well. Not that the movie disappoints an awful lot though. I mean, not much was to be expected from a 5 minute short and it of course is also too short to ever start to feel like a totally pointless or horrible watch.

It is what it is and it honestly is nothing too bad to watch but it's clearly no absolute must-see either.


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