That Danny Trejo sure is appearing in a lot of bad movies lately! Oh well, guess that it what happens when you say yes to just about everything and appear in like 12 movies each year.

But then again, this isn't a Danny Trejo movie at all, so fans be warned. He's nothing but a bit part in this and actually very easily could had been left out of the movie. But the movie has far more problems than just that.

Thing with the movie is that it's trying to be serious drama but the movie is literally filled with some unrealistic and unlikely developments, characters and dialog. The movie never really develops anything but it simply just tells you stuff. When the movie tells you someone is a bad mother without really showing why, the movie expect you to simply accept it and go along with it. And when the movie tells you someone is a bad person, or a good fighter, they expect you to believe them! It's all too forced and also really a very black and white movie with all of its themes. Someone or something is either completely good or the complete opposite, except for its main character maybe.

Because there is such a bad buildup to all of its emotions and drama, this isn't exactly the most engaging movie to watch out there. It's barely an interesting enough one, also since the story is laking some true gravity. They claim it's based on a true story but you know how these things go; most of the times its filled with more fiction than facts. And I don't mind that too much, as long as the fiction helps to make the movie a better or more engaging one, which however clearly wasn't the case with this movie though.

It really all gets made worse by all of its dialog. The dialog is supposed to create some realistic and tension filled moments in this movie but it falls incredibly flat instead. It's so phony. No real people talk like this and they create problems out of absolutely nowhere. This still was the thing that annoyed me the most about this movie. Forget the story, the characters or actors, the dialog is still the absolute worst!

It's not like I entirely hated watching this movie but it still feels like a very pointless and a far from impressive or even good enough one.


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  1. Your opinion and views about this movie are in my opinion incorrect,your right the movie dot exactly move mountains but the story is realistic ,I suffer from bipolar and have similar emotion to the lead of the movie which he portrays very well,most movies made in today's era expect you to imagine part of the story and not give you all the facts,were this picture gets to the point and moves along with the story,I agree maybe a bit rushed by hey and all movies squashed into that 2hr Max time frame,the lead could possibly go onto better things a good well played piece of acting from a almost unheard of actor

  2. You do realize the story is about the lead right?