For such a low-key and low budget movie, this most certainly is not a bad one! I liked it more than I didn't, though I yet can't really call it a great movie as well.

Well, it's a comedy and it did make me laugh, so in that regard it's not a bad or disappointing one. It has the absurd and exaggerated kind of comedy in it and it doesn't matter all that much whether or not stuff makes any logical sense, or even any sense in the context of the movie. The jokes in this can be very random and often stuff comes out of absolutely nowhere but I'm not complaining about that, as long as it entertains me and keeps me laughing, which this movie luckily all managed to do.

I'm still reluctant to call it a great movie as well. It's certainly better- and even less lame than you would expect but it's still a very simplistic movie. They could had made this movie more interesting and fun with a tighter script. And it at first also seemed like the movie was going to explore some stuff with its story but it's like the film-makers were saying to themselves; let's loose the script and have some fun time with filming instead! Everything is turned into a joke basically, which is fine for a comedy, were it not that it often tends to make a comedy a bit tiresome as well, as also is the case with this movie. Luckily the movie is not too long, so it isn't a too big problem really.

Really, it's still a good movie to have a good, silly time with, as long as your expectations for it aren't too high. But then again, why should they be?


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