Not that this is a bad movie but I still believe it kind of misses the mark.

The short movie tries to make an impact with its story but the story as it is, is mostly either being simplistic and predictable, or it features elements that divert too much from its main story. It's hard to ever truly get grabbed or feel shocked by this movie because of that, even while the movie clearly wants you to.

And all of that is a real shame, since this short obviously got made with all of the right intentions. It appears that one of the reasons it got made was to warn people and make them more aware of certain issues but the way this movie presents everything make this a far from effective enough movie, to truly make a significant enough impact on people. Lets just say it's highly doubtful anyone is going to change their life after watching this short.

One of the things I also somewhat disliked about the movie was that it was trying a bit too hard. I'm not referring to its story but more so to its directing approach. Every single shot comes across as one that was supposed to impress, with its camera movements and angles. Sounds like a good thing probably but it all was a bit too much and it started to work as something far too distracting, pretty early on into the movie already. It makes the movie feel a bit too 'busy', while this is the sort of short that might had benefited more from a more 'quiet' and subtle approach to its visual style.

Other than that, this is not a short that is going to offend, annoy or bore you in any way. In other words; it remains a perfectly watchable one but not really one that is going to leave a huge impact.


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