Yet another haunted house spoof, with as a twist it has some African-American characters, which means that the movie has an unique type of humor to it, filled not with only genre stereotypes but also with racial stereotypes.

It seems always weird and funny to me how some movies get accused of racism but when a 'black' movie features- or makes fun of some racial stereotypes, hardly anyone is complaining about it and it's all in good fun. Not that it matters, I don't really care and it's not really relevant but it's just an observation I keep making. As a matter of fact, movies made with an all African-American cast/crew often tend to feature way more negative racial stereotypes in it than any other movie. Just saying...

And the movie itself, well, it's far from a brilliant one. It's the type of comedy that keeps throwing jokes at you at a rapid pace, hoping that at least one out of every five jokes will hit. And it in fact does just that but that doesn't take away from the fact that the majority of stuff that's happening in this movie just isn't that good or funny.

I really liked the beginning and the end of the movie but all of the stuff that was happening in the middle, not so much! I think that the problem with the movie is that it's too often starting to repeat itself and there is not enough variety to its comedy.

It's still fun to watch the characters respond to- and deal with the ghostly events of the movie. Besides, the actors play well off each other and there is some good chemistry between them, which probably is the main thing that still keeps the movie going and somewhat amusing to watch.

But sometimes it really doesn't matter whether or not a movie is amusing to watch, when everything else gets handled poorly and is done in a not too creative or original way. Some Leslie Nielsen movies are a good example of this as well. Most of them can really make me laugh but I just can't call each of his movies good ones as well, just because of that. Same goes for this movie really. Chances are that it's still going to make you laugh but there just is no way you could call it a great movie as well.

Believe it or not but I prefer "30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" over this movie.


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