This is a good and definitely well made genre movie but I however just wasn't too fond of all of its story developments.

This movie most likely will go by unnoticed, since it's not a big- or heavily marketed, movie. And that's a bit of a shame really, since the movie definitely has some quality to it and in fact is a pretty good and original movie within its genre.

The movie is mostly original due to its approach and main character. It's a crime movie, only told from the perspective of a very average, 19-year old, who through his new stepfather gets involved with criminal activities. I love it how indeed Jack O'Connell looks and sounds like a very ordinary young English bloke, which of course adds to the realism of the movie.

And it's a British production, which already means its more raw and gritty than an average Hollywood production. It's still a very slick and stylish looking movie though but it still manges to keep a raw and authentic feeling and atmosphere, especially at the moments where it truly matters.

It's a deliberately small movie, which means that it doesn't feature any grand criminal schemes, or is filled with constant story developments and lots of characters. It has a very simple main plot instead, with only an handful of characters involved. There are still some twists and story developments though but unfortunately not all of them work out equally great or interesting.

The movie was great for its entire first half but it sort of looses it in its second. It tries to throw in a bit too many twists perhaps and besides not everything feels all that likely, within the context of the movie. I even dare to say that not everything makes sense, which especially starts to become more apparent once the movie reaches its final 15 minutes, or so.

But this obviously didn't ruined the overall movie experience for me. I liked the movie for its original approach and the way the movie looked and got put together by its capable cast and crew.

It's of course always fun to watch Tim Roth play a bad guy and gangster. He's still a protagonists as well, so don't expect him to be the main villain though!

It truly is a movie worth seeing, despite of all of its flaws and weaknesses.


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