Arnold Schwarzenegger literally returns to form, for his first lead role in 10 years. It's a good old fashioned action-flick, that shows Arnie has still got what it takes to be a convincing action-star!

But the movie is what it is really and that's nothing too special. I mean let's face it, this movie is nothing more but a B-movie, with a B-movie type of story and characters in it, with as a big difference it got made with a large budget and lots of capable people involved. It's still not quite enough all to take the movie to another level and turn it into a truly spectacular and unforgettable, entertaining action-flick.

I'm of course not saying that the movie is bad but it doesn't exactly standout either. Well, except perhaps for its action moments. It's big, it's dumb but simply really entertaining to watch all. You could say it's a bit of a throwback to the trashy but entertaining '80's action genre movie but just imaging that this movie indeed got released back in the '80's. Would it had been considered to be a great movie at the time or a genre classic nowadays? I truly don't think so.

The movie gets a bit too goofy for its own good at times. I know that's a part of Jee-woon Kim's style but in a way it sort of harms this movie. It makes it seem like things just don't have any consequences to them. Whenever someone gets shot for instance, it's often part of a joke as well. This really takes away all of the tension from the movie basically.

Of course I wasn't really expecting any sort of depth from this movie but it's nice to at least feel somewhat involved with either its story, characters or action at some point in the movie, which just never really was the case for this movie.

But really, it's still a movie you can have a great time with! There's always something happening on screen and it features plenty of action to enjoy. In the hands of a lesser capable action director, this would absolutely had been a totally different and also less fun and effective movie to watch. So despite all of my criticism, I'm still fond of it and definitely liked it more than not!


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