Main thing this movie does specifically well is capturing the sense of true freedom. It achieves this through both its characters and story.

Or well, it's not like this movie features a tightly written script, with all kinds of dramatic and forced developments in it. It's actually a movie that lets stuff simply happen and observes, without building up to something or necessarily reach a conclusion. But this is actually something that makes the story and the movie in general such a great one to follow. It's deliberately underwritten, which also means that it doesn't ever force anything upon you. This perfectly suits the overall atmosphere and spirit of the movie, of absolute freedom.

Same exact thing goes for all of its character. They are the sort of easy going, laid back characters, that are still not without purpose in life and have all their individual goals and dreams. They might not talk about it much but once you read through the lines, you can still catch this.

By focusing purely on the here and now, you are starting to feel involved with the characters and their journey across America, in their muscle cars. It's telling everything from their perspective and it doesn't really matter that there isn't an awful lot to its story. Nothing ever feels irrelevant or boring once you start to understand and feel the movie its characters.

So you could say that trough its minimalism this starts to become an effective and involving movie to watch!


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