Yay! Another found footage horror movie. And guess what? It's set inside of an old abandoned mental hospital! In other words, this hardly is the most original or creative horror movie you could find.

But next to that and what's even worse about it, is that it's also a very poorly done genre movie. I'm not even complaining about the lack of horror or excitement but more so about the lack of any development and how it how it handles the genre rules. It's not only very unimaginative all but also very lifeless and too often doesn't make any sense.

Of course the movie explains absolutely nothing and the movie its writing is incredibly lazy. The whole found footage concept doesn't even make an awful lot of sense in the context of the movie. So here we have the story about a crew of filmmakers, who are hired to shoot some behind the scenes footage for a lame, bad horror movie, shot in an abandoned hospital. But let me tell you, they are very busy shooting a whole bunch of stuff, except any behind the scenes footage. The stuff that they do decide to shoot, which is also the stuff we get to see in this movie of course, just doesn't make any sense. Why would you ever turn on the camera during an argument or discussion, that has absolutely nothing to do with the task you were hired for. It's part of the reason why this movie doesn't even really feel like a found footage movie, as weird as that may sound. The movie just never has an organic feel to it and nothing feels real but forced and fabricated instead. Even the look of the movie seems totally wrong and is far too smooth and often perfectly framed.

It doesn't help an awful lot that the movie has some terrible acting in it. Not every movie can have only just great actors in it but at least make sure you have actors who can deliver their lines in a convincing enough way, especially when you are doing a found footage movie, that is always supposed to feel very realistic.

Thing that annoyed me all the more about its story is that its main characters suddenly decide to start to investigate, after one weird occurrence. So now they are paranormal investigators all of the sudden, even while they absolutely have no clue what's going on or what they are looking for exactly. But that doesn't matter really, since there isn't even anything to find or much to investigate in the first place. They therefore also instead spend more time arguing whether they should go back or not and there really isn't much happening in this movie, horror-wise.

There is the occasional bump and sometimes a ghostly figure appears to say hi but there really is never a good enough buildup to any of it and besides, the movie hardly shows you anything, probably because they already ran out of money halfway through, which always would explain the very abrupt and random ending. So really, no good gore or spectacular killings in this movie either, which is going to disappoint any horror lover.

Thing that the movie does way too much is showing nudity. Really, having nudity was already cheap and started to feel outdated 10 years ago but this movie really doesn't hold back. It's all very random and doesn't really serve any purpose for the movie at all, other than trying to attract guys to watch this movie. Watch something on the internet instead, there is more joy in that...

A very lazy, cheap, ineffective, unimaginative genre flick.


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