It's OK for a movie to be slow and not follow a real main plot line but it's not OK for a movie to totally lack a point as well.

This movie isn't ever really going anywhere with anything and it feels as if they were making up stuff as filming went along. None of the characters go through any changes, no conflicts get resolved and the movie doesn't ever touch upon any provoking or interesting issues or themes. It doesn't make any statements or gives a realistic view of life in the big city. So what was this movie its point and what was it trying to say? I absolutely have no idea at all. It makes this absolutely one of the most redundant movies I have ever seen in my life.

It feels more like an artistic, student project, than anything else really. Or well, it has a a sort of an artistic tone to it, without ever letting the movie itself look artistic with any of its images or become a deep or provoking artistic project with any of its themes. It's a bad of a weird attempt at...well, something.

If I would had to guess I would say this movie was supposed to be one of those odes to New York City and a view on its inhabitants. Or rather said, it attempts to give a view on an entire generation, that supposedly feels lost and don't seem to know their purpose. It's ridicules to think that any of the movie its 3 main characters represent an entire generation in a right and convincing enough way. Besides, one of the annoying things about the characters is that they are all alike. There all lazy bums, simply going through life. I don't know, director/writer Mark Mann must have a weird, unrealistic view of the world and those living in it.

You feel that this is the sort of movie that might still had worked out good and interesting enough if it at least had some likable characters and/or great dialog in it. This movie has neither of those, which all adds to the reasons why this feels like an incredibly pointless and far from engaging movie.


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