This is the sort of bad movies that makes you appreciate other bad movies. This movie is so bad, it lets other bad movies look good!

You can't even call this a movie really. It's an amateur project, made without any money or talents involved. Everything is bad and lacking about this movie and there is not a single positive thing to point out.

It's also really hard to say what direction the film-makers were going for with this movie. Did they deliberately wanted to make a bad and silly B-movie or were they attempting to create a serious monster film? I'm actually inclined to think it was the latter, since the movie doesn't ever 'wink' into the camera and there isn't any tongue-in-cheek comedy in it. Really amazing and sad to think that this was an honest and serious attempt at film-making but I truly believe these were the film-maker's intentions.

The acting and dialog is all of the bad and annoying kind and makes you hope all of the characters will get eaten by the movie its shark. But then on the other hand, you also don't really want for the shark to show up in this, since he, or she, is absolutely awful looking! It's some of the worst CG you are ever likely to come across in any sort of movie.

There of course is also no real tension and all of the killings also seem incredibly random and nonsensical. It takes a long while before the movie picks up any sort of storyline and it doesn't introduce its main characters until the movie is maybe already over 20 minutes in. Stuff like this all makes it very apparent the movie wanted to stretch things out for as long as it could, since it didn't had any good or original ideas about what to do with its story. Even the end credits are incredibly stretched out! Be aware, the actual movie is barely over an hour long (luckily so!), which means that it has about 15 minutes, of slow running, end credits. And it's not like hundreds of people worked on this movie, so it absolutely had no right to go on as long as it did.

So bad special effects, bad acting, bad story, is that it? No, the list goes on and on, making it all apparent how incredibly untalented those involved were and how completely this movie is as a movie. The continuity problems are pretty distracting and annoying as well. Every time a character gets out of the water, he or she isn't even one bit wet! Its sound was also terribly annoying. Sometimes the sound is totally off, probably because an actor was standing too far off from a microphone but moments when the sound gets even worse to listen to is when the movie is attempting to do sound effects. The sound of splashing water is so bad and annoying, it nearly makes your head explode!

The only good and fun thing about this movie are the movie its title and cover probably, which is of course a total ripoff of you know what! But please don't get fooled by the movie its title or cover, fore there is absolutely nothing recommendable about the movie itself! It's not even recommendable for the lovers of bad cinema, or as a curiosity piece. it's just that bad and unbearable.


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  1. really? You didn't get that the title, the intentional "Free Willy" parody and the end title that read "FIN" (for only two examples)was all tongue in cheek?