It really doesn't matter all that much that martial arts movies aren't really my thing, fore I strongly feel that even the most hardened genre nut has to admit that this just isn't a very good movie at all.

It's a cheap looking film, which in itself shouldn't necessarily be a problem for a martial arts movie. After all, there are plenty of low budget example that do work out well, mostly because they use some true creativity, a likable main character and actor portraying him/her and some amazing fights to look at. All things that this movie is sadly missing.

The movie is using a very simple and straightforward story, which again, shouldn't be a problem in itself but it in this case makes the movie a very restrained one and one that too often starts to repeat itself. There is not enough creativity and variety to its story and it doesn't help much that this movie heavily 'borrows' from some other, better known, genre movies.

As one of the character even points out in this movie, it uses a concept that seems more suitable for a video game. And really, if this was a video game, that you could play for yourself, it would had been a pretty good and enjoyable one, most likely!

Still the most disappointing aspect about the movie remains that the fights aren't even much to look at. They are shot terrible and the movie has some bad editing and cinematography in it. Hard to imaging the people involved had experience in the business and with the genre already, fore this movie most definitely would suggest otherwise.

All of the characters are extreme stereotypes and familiar ones. None of them really has a likable or distinctive enough personality and it's therefore also hard to pick a favorite to root for throughout this movie.

And it's obvious everyone in this movie got cast for their fighting skills, as opposed to for their acting abilities. There are some truly bad performances throughout this movie, all across the board, which makes it all the more hard to take this movie very serious.

Overall, it's a far too lacking genre attempt, in about every regard!


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