It's weird, I still liked the movie but it was truly far from a great romantic movie or sports movie even.

It's still a movie with a good light, typical British style, to it, which makes this a pleasant watch and remains the one and only reason why it's still a good enough movie to watch.

I however just can't see how anyone could be taken by its story or romance. This is not really a good movie to watch with your lover, since the love story is actually far from a romantic or convincing enough one in my opinion. The whole way it's set up and constructed is severely lacking, since love never seemed to be the main foundation for the relationship between its two main characters.

And besides, Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany don't really have any good on screen chemistry together. It sounds like a good match on paper but it's just something that never works out within the actual movie. Guess that for most part you should also blame the writing for this of course and not necessarily Dunst or Bettany themselves.

The writing is not just lacking with its romance but with basically everything else as well. The movie is filled with some absolutely redundant characters and some very predictable developments. And it's not much good as a sports- or underdog movie either.

The characters are busy with a whole bunch of stuff in this movie, expect focusing- and building toward their tennis matches it seems. The don't live for their sport, as it appears and the whole way the sport gets treated in this movie is pretty wasteful. It also treats the tournament like just an average little tournament, which might had been just fine, were it not for that fact that this movie was supposed to take place at the Wimbledon tournament, which is the biggest and most important tennis tournament in the world.

The tennis matches themselves are also awful to look at in this movie. There is never any tension or decent enough buildup to any of them and they are basically all shot the same and progress in a very predictable manner. Besides, it's pretty obvious that neither Dunst or Bettany are among the biggest tennis talents. Especially Dunst looks horrible when she is sporting, even when she's only just running. Stuff like this annoyed me and prevented me from buying into the movie its premise.

But the movie is still harmless and cute enough in certain parts, making this still a watchable enough genre flick.


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