There are so many modern, low budget, war movies out there and most of them are absolutely horrendous! But to my own surprise this movie was surprisingly good and I quite enjoyed it, until its final 30 minutes that is.

Make no mistake, also movies like this are B-movies but they still have a somewhat better reputation and legitimacy to it, since it's taking place during a war situation, in this case WW II. But the production values, the writing, the acting and whatever more, is very consistent with B-movie style of film-making. And really, in that regard this is actually being one of the better genre attempts I have ever seen!

It's very simple in its setup and with its story but that is perhaps where its power lays. It doesn't ever pretends or attempts to be bigger than it is and it seems to know its own limitations. Instead of feeling the constant need to be filled with action, the movie actually takes the time for some its characters to have some interactions, which also lets the characters work out as some more likable and interesting ones. It does feature a whole bunch of redundant flashback scenes, involving the character's lives back home, in an attempt to give them some more depth and provide the movie with some more drama but even those scenes work out better for the movie than it sounds! It's still not great, sine it doesn't really add anything to the movie in my opinion but at least it isn't anything that works out annoying or distracting for the overall movie.

It's probably true the writers and director have seen "Saving Private Ryan" and "Band of Brothers" a bit too many times, since this movie uses lots of similar situations and characters from that movie and mini-series. But also this is just fine, since it mimics some of the better developments and moments and it besides does it well!

It actually sounds like I was in love with this movie but this most definitely wasn't the case though. I only sound somewhat enthusiastic about it because it worked out and was a way better movie than expected and than it's story and production values normally would allow it to be.

The one thing that mainly prevented this movie from being a truly good movie were its final 30 minutes. It felt so out of tone and pretty much came out of nowhere. The movie at first was being a mostly enjoyable one but in its final 30 minutes the movie suddenly starts to feel the need to show the horrors of war and to become a very serious and strong anti-war movie all the sudden. Nothing against that of course but like I said, it totally isn't consistent with the style and approach the movie took for its first hour and it really worked out as something far inferior. It was all less interesting and effective, mainly because it felt too forced. It ruined a lot for me actually, though I would still consider this as one of the better modern genre attempts, with a low-budget.

Only still good and watchable enough thanks to its first hour!


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3 reacties:

  1. I think the whole movie stunk. Who sends another soldier to the other house (scene with the french hostages) without backup? Just after a hostile engagement? This one is real bad

  2. Everyone contributing to this movie put a whole lot of effort. Critics just throw that all away and judge. Judging doesn't define who you are judging. It defines who YOU are. This was and IS an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING MOVIE!!!!!!!

  3. The movie (which I saw in the theatre first) is very engaging and even uplifting. We see human beings (German and Americans) who are soldiers because they love their country and have been called to serve. We feel for the terrible things that a soldier is called upon to endure (on both sides) and feel the tragedy that war brings to men and women involved in it. Ryan Little's direction is excellent as is the acting. Just purchased the Blu-ray/DVD combo and after watching the making of extra was even more impressed with the film. I would recommend picking this one up on DVD.