First of all, it's important to mention this is a review for the original version of the movie. Apparently there also is a version for the American market of this movie, in which certain graphic scenes were cut out and some scenes were actually even added, after re-shoots. It also completely changes the story around and turns the movie into a "The Exorcist" ripoff. And you can blame the original movie version for a lot of things but not for being not creative or original enough.

No need to dance around it, this movie is just plain odd at times. Lots of crazy stuff happening in this movie and it definitely has a surreal vibe to it as well but in the end this all was actually something the movie benefited from and part of the reason why this feels like such a fresh and original watch.

It's not a typical Giallo movie by any means. As a matter of fact, I am somewhat reluctant to even call this a Giallo. It's maybe only one with its visuals and directing approach but other than that, it's being something completely different with its story. You perhaps could better call the movie a supernatural thriller, with some horror tendencies to it. The movie actually keeps throwing you off, by going into multiple direction at times with both its style and story. The one moment it feels like there is actually something supernatural happening, the other it's more apparent an actual person is behind all of it. I won't say what the movie actually is but it keeps fooling you, which might work annoying to some people, while others might enjoy this movie for that. The movie never is just one thing!

But what really still made this movie mostly work out well for me were its visuals. If you strip everything away from this movie and only its story is left, this would had most likely been one uninteresting and messy movie to watch. But the visuals and camera-work in general help to provide the movie with plenty of original and interesting cinematic moments.

What I also like about the movie is that it doesn't ever really gets into your face with its gore or violence. That's not what this movie is all about and it more forces you to pay attention to its story, rather than simply look forward to yet another graphic killing, as some other genre movies from around the same era tend to do.

It's really a movie filled with misfits, which again, also definitely adds to the movie being an interesting one. You just don't know what to expect from anyone in this movie, since most of them obviously have some sort of disturbing issues up there.

The movie also has some great casting in that regard. Telly Savalas is obviously in his element as the quirky and at the same time also scary servant and all of the Italian actors have a perfect look to them, which seemed really suitable for the type of role they were playing.

Another thing worth mentioning is the musical score by Carlo Savina, which also was perfectly suitable for the movie its style and atmosphere and next to that also was great to listen to.

Now, I do realize this is not a movie that will appeal to just everyone but if you into Italian horror, from the '70's and want to see something more unique and original for a change, this is a perfectly good movie to watch! Nothing too brilliant, I admit to that but still definitely good and interesting enough.


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