There are of course plenty of movies about falling in loving but how many movies are there about breakups really? Not that many at all, making this movie already a pretty unique one in that regard, even while most love-stories and relationships don't end well in real life. It's a real process and personal journey before you really end up with the right person and find out what true love is. That's also why this isn't a sad movie at all. It's just a movie about life, in which it's main character is going through a real process.

Ant that's probably the movie its greatest strength; The greatest strength of the movie can be found in its realism. Surely everybody should be able to recognize certain emotions, events and connect with certain characters in this movie. It makes it a both involving and realistic movie, that never goes over-the-top with anything, unless it's for its comical relief.

It handles all of the small and big questions everybody struggles with at some point in life, especially after a breakup. The movie does also provides some answers but not in a pretentious kind of way, or like it's the definite truth. After all, every person is unique and handles things differently and what works for some might end up disastrously for others. Still I believe that everyone should be able to take something valuable and helpful out of this movie, on your journey for true love, happiness and making a relationship a successful one.

At least mostly for guys that is. After all, this movie gets told from the viewpoint of a male character, played by John Cusack, which in itself is also a pretty good and unique take on the story. After all, guys normally aren't really depicted as the emotional, unhappy and harmed ones, in romantic movies, which is of course absurd, since they can be just as much the victim of circumstances and hurt by certain events.

But really, I'm probably making this movie sound more heavy and serious than it in fact truly is. The tone of the movie is actually pretty light, thanks to its snappy dialog and its sort of comical approach. Not that this is a full blown comedy but it are little things like this that help to keep the movie light and easy to digest. You most likely won't feel depressed afterward, not even if you went to a nasty breakup yourself. It's also because this movie has plenty of hope in it and doesn't purely focus on just the negative aspects, or is ever truly that bitter about love.

The movie also truly gets uplifted by its performances. John Cusack was at the top of his game and everyone was pretty much perfectly cast in this movie, with actors such as Jack Black, Tim Robbins and Catherine Zeta-Jones also involved.

Since the movie doesn't just focus on its one main plot line, set in the present but also shows some different storyline's, which all happened in the past, the pace of the movie also works out quite pleasantly. It's a true snappy movie to watch, that never really slows down, which is probably also part of the reason why this never becomes a too sappy one. So some really great storytelling, from director Stephen Frears's part as well!

Simply a great movie to watch, that everybody, till some extend and in one way or another, should be able to identify themselves with.


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