Perhaps I was just simply in the mood for a comedy but I just couldn't hate on this movie. I can still recognize it as a very faulty movie though but this still didn't ruined the overall experience.

So yes, it's definitely a watchable enough genre movie in my book, that serves its purpose well enough. Crowds who are easily pleased and entertained by movies shall eat this movie up, while everybody else shall struggle a bit more with having to sit through it and have plenty of complaints about the movie, like I also still have about it.

It's definitely a very simplistic movie, that also does very little new. The concept has been used in various different forms, throughout the decades, by different genres. It also isn't a particularly original or clever movie with any of its jokes or characters but I guess the reason why I sort of let this movie get away with this was because none of it was done in a terrible or silly way. It isn't an offensively bad movie, with poor taste and jokes and it's simply harmless fun to watch, for maybe just one time though. It's not the sort of the movie that gets any better or maintains its strength on multiple viewings.

It really isn't the best told story either. Things are lacking a good enough buildup at times and the movie has a couple of needless distractions in it, no doubt in an attempt to give the movie some more depth with some drama and romance involved. But let me tell you, this is a movie that so easily could had done with at least its romance. I know movies think they need to have a romance story going on in it, in order to attract a larger crowd but when you create a cute and fun enough movie you can do without all of the needless, forced, distractions and characters and more people shall appreciate your movies as well for it. Besides, it's not like the whole relationship thing between Kevin James and Salma Hayek works out convincing.

I wouldn't call this a great or hilarious movie but it's still being a fun and harmless enough one to watch, especially if you are in the right mood for it.


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