The craziest and wildest stories often are based on facts. This movie features a seemingly unlikely and also unconvincing concept, were it not for the fact that it got based on a true story.

Of course the movie is not being entirely truthful. You can pretty much tell the final 30 minutes, or so, of the movie are fictional, or at the very least heavily exaggerated and the same can be said for some of the other events and characters in this movie. That's fine however, since all of this contributes to the entertainment value of the movie and helps to keep things going and interesting to watch.

Despite the fact that it's all based on a true story, I can still see how someone dislikes this movie for its somewhat silly main premise. It seems like such an unlikely and needlessly complicated plan to get a bunch of people out of Iran but to quote a line from the movie 'out of all the bad ideas, this one was the best', or something along those lines. Just go along with it, like all of the characters in this movie did as well and you'll enjoy and appreciate the movie for what it's doing.

And luckily the movie itself also doesn't take things too seriously, or makes things unnecessarily heavy. I won't call the movie a comedy but it definitely has some comedy aspects to it, mostly with its writing. You could say this movie is well balanced with all of its dramatic and more entertaining aspects and also successfully blends the two different elements together, something not an awful lot of movies can successfully manage to do.

Thing I also really loved about the movie is that it's being a period piece and a very convincing and detailed looking one. The entire movie is set in 1979 and 1980 and the movie does a great job capturing the atmosphere of its time, complete with its makeup, costumes, hair styles and production design.

Another thing the movie gets uplifted by are its performances. Besides directing, Ben Affleck also starred in the movie and actually played the lead role. It's a very restrained role by him, so please don't expect him to do an awful lot of heroic stuff or to come across as a strong and perfect person. But it's still mostly the supporting cast that impresses in this movie, with actors such as John Goodman, Bryan Cranston and Alan Arkin. I wouldn't be surprised if Arkin gets nominated for an Oscar again, for his role in this movie.

It's a really fine and perfectly watchable movie, still mainly due to its successful and effective blend of entertainment and drama.


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