It doesn't take much to see this is a coming of age movie but it's more one done in the vein of the French genre movies. And those particular movies never really appealed to me either, so perhaps needless to say this movie wasn't really one for me.

In essence all coming of age movies are the same. They focus on the things that its character experiences for the fist time, such as true love, sex, drugs...and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", after which the person starts growing as an human being and forms his personality further, which also lays the ground for their future lives. Guess this is always the greatest strength of every coming of age movie; people are able to identify themselves with its characters and recognizes some or all of the situations he/she has to go through. But that was just a problem for me. I just could never identify myself with the movie its main character and never went through any of the situations, as depicted in this movie. For me this movie was mostly being a slow and shallow experience, in which I never felt like I truly got to know- and fully understood any of its characters. It made all of the situations and drama also somewhat bland for me.

But what also makes things hard and not involving enough to watch is the way the movie is getting told. It seemed to lack focus and I would had most definitely preferred it if it followed a more clear main plot line and had a more obvious beginning, middle and end to it. What especially annoyed me about its storytelling was that the movie was rushing through things and times and took some leaps as well. But I think you can mostly 'blame' the fact that this movie got based on a novel. It's of course simply impossible to capture and tell everything that got written down on every single page of a novel.

It of course still could had worked out fine for me, if only the movie and all of its situations and characters were a bit more interesting. Like I said, this movie mostly remained a shallow experience, all throughout, which also caused the movie to feel a bit overlong and boring at parts.

But I can definitely still recognize this as a decent genre movie, that shall still please large crowd groups. Especially when you are able to recognize situations certain situations and emotions and are able to put yourself into the shoes of its main character, this is a pretty good and perhaps even fascinating movie for you to watch.

It's not a movie that really does anything horribly wrong, it just isn't my cup of tea, so to speak. But perhaps this is just being one of those movies you have to experience for yourself and see how it resonates with you.


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