Of course nothing original about this movie or about its concept in the first place but it seemed at first as if this was going to be an at least decent enough genre flick, that would be enjoyable to watch for the horror lovers out there. The movie however soon started to take a turn for the worst and never recovered from it.

Yes, we have yet another found footage horror movie here, set at a creepy location; an abandoned psychiatric hospital. nothing too original obviously but it's still something that could work out effectively, when handled well. And the movie did in fact started off somewhat promising but it soon becomes obvious that the film-makers didn't made the best choices and even its main concept starts to feel flawed after a while.

The main concept concerns a production crew, that tries to create a television show about paranormal activities. They try to sell the show but they obviously present themselves as scam artists with the footage they send in to the television station. Stuff like this just doesn't make any sense in the context of the movie its concept. It also doesn't appear to be raw footage (even though they claim at the beginning that we are going to see the raw footage) we get to see but rather perfectly cut footage. Or perhaps they just switched the cameras on at the exact right moment but that of course is a ridicules thought. With moments like this the movie sort of disqualifies itself as a convincing found footage flick.

But what is worse is that the movie too often gets totally unconvincing. Instead of being subtle the movie more often blatantly simply shows some of the paranormal activities and ghost like figures. The movie becomes a totally ineffective one the moment they start showing these sort of things, which is about at the halfway point. It's not anything scary, not in the least because it's often lacking a good buildup to things and all of the story and character development also gets abandoned, at that very point.

And yes, it's also one of those movies with lots of shaking camera-work and messy zooms in it, so if you can't handle this, you should stay away from this movie. Personally I'm never bothered by this, so it wasn't anything I was holding against the movie.

Seems that the movie still had some good ideas in it and it was also being clever with certain things. It for instance often poked some fun at certain genre clich├ęs, making it obvious that the film-makers were very familiar with the genre and self-aware of things. Too bad that none of this could assist them in making a somewhat good movie out of this.


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