This entire movie got based around the premise of "Grave Encounters" being a real thing and not a movie, which already makes this a ridicules movie to begin with, since "Grave Encounters" was a terribly unconvincing movie, with both its effects and story. Having said that, I still liked this movie better than the first, as strange as that may sound and even while this movie is pretty much suffering from the same problems and weaknesses.

At least the thing you can say about this movie is that it's not just being a rehash of the first movie. it picks a sort of different premise and approach this time around, that works out refreshing and also more effective as the first movie, I must say. It's a more original take on the genre and besides, the movie isn't afraid to poke fun at itself and at the first movie but yet at the same time it also pokes fun at those who criticized the first one, which is a bit of an odd thing to do, also since all of the criticism was justified and the film-makers should had taken some of the criticism to heart, while doing this sequel.

Since the movie is really suffering from some of the exact same problems as the first one did. The first half of the movie is being pretty good and enjoyable for what it is but the moment things are starting to get more serious, things also start to become far more ridicules as well. It really isn't the most convincing genre movie around. It tries to come across as something legit and serious but yet it's showing far too much ridiculousness for that. It really should had been a more subtle movie with its scares and other horror elements, which was an exact same problem the first movie also was suffering from.

I don't know, guess it's true this is one of those movies that's better to watch with a large crowd but I just don't see this as a particularly great or effective and scary horror movie. It's still good and enjoyable enough for what is but clearly nothing to get very excited about.


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