This movie is a disappointment, mostly because it has such an awesome sounding concept to it. It's only something that sounds good on paper though, since the execution of it all is far from awesome, exciting or original.

Just purely by watching this movie you could tell that director Joseph Zito just wasn't a very good genre director. He did an extremely poor job with handling its concept and with building up its tension. Even the killings are disappointing in this movie, while this normally would be something that still could make a movie like this worthwhile, even when the rest of the movie isn't being very good.

It just does absolutely nothing with its concept. It sounds so promising; a killer, seemingly randomly killing people in a WW II outfit but an annoying and weird aspect to begin with is that the outfit isn't even WW II-looking at all and for some odd reason he uses a pitchfork as his weapon of choice. It's such an odd combination, that just doesn't make any sense and also never gets explained.

That's another problem of the movie; nothing ever gets explained. Instead of creating a mystery and a whole back-story, the movie is simply being a whodunit, Scooby-Doo style, that doesn't focus at all on the why's and by the end the movie only leaves more why's. As a matter of fact, at least a Scooby-Doo episode always explain at the end why the person committed all of the monstrosities. This movie does nothing of that sort.

But it does not only handles its killer poorly; also the rest of its characters remains underdeveloped. Of course this isn't being anything too uncommon for a slasher but at least most slashers feature a good and likable enough main character in it, while this movie only features a bunch of boring looking and acting people in it, you just couldn't have cared less for. Besides, it only has an handful of characters in it, so 'guessing' who the killer is shouldn't be too hard for anyone.

There is being absolutely nothing about the story that ever makes this movie stand out. Just like its characters, everything else in it also remains extremely underdeveloped and the little stuff that it tries to do is being extremely formulaic all.

This just is a bad, bad slasher, I'm sad to say.


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