Still not really sure how to feel about this movie. On the one hand it is being far from a bad one but on the other; I just got absolutely nothing out of it. No true good laughs, no good engaging drama and not really any characters to truly care for.

Guess it's true this is being more of a chick-flick anyway, so my opinion of it shouldn't matter too much if you're a girl or woman. Chances are you might 'get' some of the things this movie is trying to do and say and also get some more enjoyment out of it.

It seems to be a bit of a struggle for this movie to find a right balance between all of its comedy and its more serious elements. It does let this movie feel a bit messy at times and confuses you about whether you should laugh or take things in this movie seriously. Both the comedy and drama of this movie fall a bit flat because of that.

Also because of that you'll have a hard time truly caring for this movie but this also has to do with its characters. They are mostly being extreme stereotypes of characters we often see in these type of movies. They weren't really being interesting or likable enough to care for, also because they are doing some despicable things at times. Not that the movie is anything that raunchy, though it still tries hard to be. Every time I thought that I had the characters all figured out by now they would do something totally unexpected, which felt out of character for them and this constantly prevented me from getting into this movie and its characters.

But it also seems that the story wasn't being anything solid to begin with. It's being too predictable all and the 'troubles' the characters run into (Well, mostly they just create them themselves) are all just a tad bit too formulaic and the movie fails to come up with some true creative and surprising stuff. You just never get the feeling that things won't work out or get resolved by the end of it. I wish it had a more clever and creative script behind it, so the movie at least would had been a bit more fun or provoking with its thoughts and messages. In the end the movie just isn't being quite sweet, fun and involving enough.

The movie has a bunch of good actors in it, which definitely helped to still make this movie a bearable one and even help to let it work out at times. There isn't really being one actor that just stands out in this, not even Kirsten Dunst. It really is an assemble piece, in which every important main character gets about an equal amount of screen time.

It really is far from the worst movie you'll ever see but it's still one you could and maybe also should simply just skip. It's nothing too special and doesn't work out quite as well as it wanted to.


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