It definitely seems to be the case I'm being far more fond of the later Star Trek movies, featuring the original cast. Instead of having lots of slow moments and be completely serious movies, the later ones seem to be far more entertaining and adventurous.

I know that a big criticism about the later Star Trek movies is that they are being too comical. And yes, you could definitely even call this movie somewhat of a comedy! I however really don't mind this at all, since I always felt Star Trek took itself far too serious, which pretty much sucked all of the fun and adventure out of it for me. I therefore also really consider this movie to be one of the better Star Trek movies and one that I could probably watch over and over again.

It also seems to be the case for me that I definitely enjoy science-fiction better when it's not just set aboard a spacecraft. This movie for most part is actually being set on Earth, which might sound like a strange thing for a Star Trek movie to do but this definitely and obviously ain't no ordinary Star Trek movie!

The movie is not just mostly set on Earth but 20th century San Francisco! That's right, this movie features time traveling and this is actually being the thing were the movie draws its most fun and entertainment from. It's a great sight, seeing Spock and Kirk and all of the other wander around 'present' time, with their goofy looking costumes. And the movie definitely has a sense of humor about it itself and isn't afraid to make fun of a couple of things. Of course they get themselves into all kinds of trouble, when being confronted by 'old' fashioned costumes and technologies. I also loved how the one with the thick Russian accent, Chekov, was the one in charge of finding a nuclear power source, while in fact the cold war was still very much going on at the time. Needless to say that he gets into the most trouble, out of all of the crew members.

It's also a very good looking movie. You could definitely tell technically had been improved and the special effects and all of the other details are pretty good looking. This one feels like a more stylish Star Trek movie and Leonard Nimoy once more did a great job as a director!

Don't worry about the story. It concerns bringing whales back to the 23th century, since they are the only ones who can communicate with an alien probe and save the Earth from getting destroyed. It sounds crazy but again, don't worry about it. This is not a movie that is all about its story but more about its adventurous and comical aspects. The movie itself, among other things, doesn't even really feature a villain in, expect maybe mankind itself.

Yes, this is one of those movies with an ecological message in it but as far as these type of movies go; this one really doesn't work out as an annoying one. The message isn't being put on too thick and you can pretty much ignore it if you choose too, without this making a negative impact on the movie or its story.

A real fun science-fiction adventure!


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