First investing millions of dollars in your movie and then give it a B-movie style, with deliberate cheesy dialog and unlikely moments in it is not the way how you make a good, campy, fun movie. It feels all too forced and desperate and besides, the movie its script also isn't being really clever enough to let this movie work out as satire.

in most cases when doing satire, you need to be subtle about it. This movie is being far from subtle and obviously doesn't hold back with anything. All of the events, characters and dialog are being so unlikely that it only works out as comedy. Forced comedy that is. It tries far too hard to make you laugh, which goes at the expense of all of the movie its credibility, which is being a big part of it why it also doesn't work out as good satire.

And being offensive doesn't equal satire either, as this movie still seems to think. I'm not even American and even I felt offended by the portrayal or Americans in this movie. It's cheap, not funny enough and definitely nothing sharp or clever. I just don't see the point of it, probably because it totally misses the mark with all of it.

But does this movie at least work out as harmless and simple entertainment? I don't think so. As I said before, all of the comedy feels too forced and it doesn't help very much that the movie deliberate picks a campy approach and all of the actors deliver a very cheesy performance. It makes the movie more annoying than entertaining, at least in my opinion.

I must even say that for most part I felt incredibly bored with this movie. It probably was due to it that it wasn't being clever or original with anything, while the movie still featured a clever and original concept. It sounds strange, I know. Seems that this movie is definitely being a case of one that had a good and promising concept but had no idea how to handle it and what to do with with it's main premise.

It's all being such a shame, also since they definitely putted some serious effort into the movie. And really, all things considering, it's being a quite good looking movie. Granted that the movie looks like most of it got shot in a studio, even the exterior shots but at least it doesn't has a bad look to it. It actually adds to the movie its atmosphere, which probably makes this the only thing about this movie that truly works out well. Also the special effects are being quite good and all of it is really being the only thing that still made this movie somewhat watchable for me.

All other things aside, this movie still could had worked out for me, if it at least followed a good main story. But the movie really doesn't. It's all being too simplistic and random for my taste, which also truly prevented me from even getting into it.

By all means, this should had been a movie I should had liked and be entertained by but I just never really was.


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  1. i disagree, it wasnt life changing but it seems i enjoyed it aq lillte more than you ??