This movie is generally being regarded as one of the better Chuck Norrir flicks. I don't really have any other material to compare it to but I can still see why some people would feel that way about this movie. It's a genuinely good '80's genre flick, with an healthy amount of cheese sprinkled over it.

This is actually being a movie in which Norris gets to do some real acting. He isn't just constantly kicking and blasting people away but he is playing a real compelling and likable character as well.

The story is a bit all over the place though, I admit to that. At times I had no idea what was going on already but on the other hand, I also couldn't really care about it anyway. It's just a movie you have to take for what it is and don't think too much about its story or overall credibility.

It's just being one of those movies I won't mind watching when it catch it somewhere on TV, late at night, when I have nothing better to do. It's definitely being an entertaining enough genre flick, though I'm the first to admit that this is truly far from a great movie.

It's an obviously cheaply done film, without any true mind blowing action or explosions in it but still I don't feel that the lovers of action flicks would mind this all very much. There are still plenty of moments to compensate, such as a couple of formulaic chase sequences and shootouts. And I must say; Norris handles all of the action quite well and he certainly has the right charisma, which is required for these type of roles and this sort of movies.

A good movie to enjoy, if you won't be thinking too much about its story or what is all going on in it.


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