After all these years, I feel that this movie still hasn't lost any of its charm or power. It's one that should really speak to every kid's imagination and to those who still have a little child hidden somewhere inside of them. And isn't that basically being everybody on this world?

I absolutely still have some problems with this movie but I feel that none of this makes this movie any less of a great and fun experience. In essence it's being a very simple and straightforward movie, in which just a whole bunch of random insane and wonderful stuff happens, the moment they step into Willy Wonka's factory. This is a movie that doesn't need to explain anything. It can let things simply happen and it shows that fantasy has no limitations. You could wish whatever you want from and sometimes dreams come true, as happens to little Charlie in this movie.

It's a wonderful, imaginative, fantasy movie, that besides is a great looking one. It has wonderful visuals and colors in it and most importantly, it doesn't look fake! It all looks as if it could be part of the real world and it looks as if every machine really works and all the candy is eatable and tastes wonderful as well.

It really looks like Gene Wilder had a great time playing his role. He goes all out, without coming across as insane. It probably is a more subtle performance than most people give him credit for. He is a great comedy character, who besides is capable of placing himself in a kid's world and their fantasy. This doesn't feel like a movie written and made by adults for kids but more like one that in fact got made by kids.

It's definitely thanks to Roald Dahl's writing, who of course also wrote the book this movie was based on, that this movie comes to life. He manages to put really a lot into the movie its characters and overall atmosphere. It besides provides the movie with some absolutely great dialog and at time it wants to make you rewind the movie, just to check if you really heard things right.

But as I said before, it's being still far from a perfect movie, for me. I have always felt and thought that the beginning of the movie goes on for a bit too long and might be a bit too boring, for young kids especially. I also always thought it was strange that the movie never showed what happened to all of the other kids and what happened to Charlie and his family. The ending feels a bit too rushed and also comes far too sudden. There is no real good buildup to it and it might even be a bit confusing to those who aren't familiar with the book.

But despite of all these minor issues, this movie remains a perfectly watchable and fun movie to watch for children and those who still are in touch with their inner child, or have a rich imagination.


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