Sweden always have been at the top of the game when it comes down to movies directed toward children. What makes Swedish movies great is the fact that they aren't holding back and shows things how they really are. They are often realistic movies that takes its audience serious and doesn't belittle them by putting in any fluffy stuff.

Let me just say that this probably was a movie I would have loved seeing as a 12-year old. People too easily think that horror scares or even damages children, while in fact lots of kids are really into it, without any of them becoming serial killers, or anything like that, later on in life. It's just a form of escapism and fantasy if you will and I applaud this movie for combining a typical Swedish movie about youth with horror elements.

It in fact feels like a very realistic movie while watching. It's because it's a about real kids, with real average kid like problems and wishes. It's really not necessarily being a vampire movie. It's just something that plays a role in the movie but not just the one main thing the movie focuses on. There is a whole lot more going on in it, which has everything to do with being young and growing up.

And this movie is all about its kids really. The camera also mostly focuses just on them, even in the scenes that also involved adults. Kind of reminded me of the approach "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial" used, in which no adult's faces are ever shown, except for it's most important supporting characters.

There constantly is a great atmosphere present throughout this movie, which is dark and gritty. I believe this was something that truly added to the movie and the story it was telling, as well as to its overall realism. Besides, it's all great looking! This is definitely a capably made movie, in which a lot of time and effort went in to.

It actually is a pretty subtle made movie. It doesn't ever overly explains anything and it takes its time as well to setup- and tell things. It's definitely a slower type of movie, without it ever becoming a boring one.

And don't just think that because the movie is about- and features kids in the leading roles it's being a movie for kids only as well. The movie takes its audience, both young and old, very seriously and has plenty of elements for every age group in it to enjoy. It never gets too childish for adults and it never gets too heavy for kids. It's being a somewhat gory movie but it all serves a purpose in the movie its story, so it's not put in to just shock or scare its audience. Saying that this is a horror movie more has to do with the movie its themes and atmosphere, rather than any scary or gory moments that are in it.

A wonderful and successful combination of kid movie and horror ingredients!


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